Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

Who we are

The Owl’s Den strives to set a new standard for the upcoming generations of youth in our community. Offering youth the keys for learning and growing, our goal is to provide a variety of programs that constructively encourage social growth, development and physical activity. Our programs include before and aftercare activities, tutoring and planned activities that engage children and families socially.

What we do

● We offer programs designed to increase the academic and social potential for the success of children.

● We help children discover and develop their strengths, exposing them to opportunities beyond traditional education.

● We reintroduce children to more traditional forms of play, inspiring them to learn while being active.

● We provide transportation from the Owls Den to school and from school to the Owl’s Den for the safety of our community youth and a peace of mind for parents.

Our Mission

The Owls Den is a non-profit organization that works with community youth to discover and improve their academic and social potential. Through tutoring and specialized activity, we aim to build stronger communities providing youth with stability, constructive activity and family engagement.

● We engage youth grades 6 through 12 in programs and activities that appeal to their personal interests, providing an outlet for children to explore their creativity.

● Though child-focused we also focus on building stronger connections between parents and their children.

● Our services combine education and recreation to engage the whole family, ultimately aiming to close both generational and educational gaps.