Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 7AM - 7PM

Before and Aftercare

Perfect for working parents, our before and aftercare allows parents to save a few steps without having to risk missing time from work.

● Parents check their children in at The Owl’s Den and we safely transport them to and from school.

● We keep children active and safe as they can enjoy an array of social activities until their designated pick-up time.

● We provide nutritious snacks or “brain food” before and after school to keep the children’s bodies and minds energized throughout the day.

Recreational Sports

Our athletic division provides several recreational sporting activities to expose children to the value of teamwork, leadership, discipline, and determination. Students can sign up to participate in sports, including:

● Flag Football

● Basketball

● Cheerleading

● Track

● Softball

● Baseball

● Lacrosse

● Wrestling

● Boxing

● Gymnastics

● Swimming

● Fitness Exercise

● Dance

Academic Support

At The Owls Den, we understand the importance of academic success. Our academic programs support our members throughout their middle school and high school education. Each membership plan includes tutoring sessions to help enhance students’ knowledge and performance, particularly for students that require additional resources and instruction outside of the classroom.

● Our mandatory tutoring program offers hour-long sessions during after school hours.

● Tutors work one-on-one with students to assist with homework assignments and test prep.

● We select tutors from local colleges, universities and schools that have a passion for education and the success of grade school children. Our tutors include teacher interns and professional teachers.

● We also facilitate peer-to-peer study groups with tutors. Our facility offers additional instruction time for students that struggle in particular subjects.

● Additional tutoring services can be requested as needed.